About me

Khalil Gibran

     Welcome and Thank You for the interest in my work!

     My name is Zoia. I live in Kharkov, Ukraine and I am a photographer.

     Photography is a hobby which has grown with the lapse of time into something not simply greater, but has become the most interesting thing I’ve ever done in my life before. Photography in my conception is the ability to share my feelings, emotions, mood and my perception of life; it is my means of communication with the reality. Sometimes on my photographs I try to depict the beauty of the world around, but sometimes I feel more like looking deeper, perceiving the sense and philosophy of what is going on. Every single moment we live through takes away part of our reality, and sometimes the thing that I can through my photography slightly touch the mysterious metamorphosis makes me tremble with joy.

     I like taking photographs of human faces, to create portrait by rendering the human individuality aspect not only through similarity of appearance, but also by reflecting the inner world and beauty of a human being. I love my models and try to slightly open their inner world, to see and feel the inmost and concealed in every person. Portrait is a kind of scales with a model and author on opposite dishes. Any distortion of the balance harms the artistic result. While shooting my models, I always come in contact with them exciting their emotions and feeling. As a result, I get natural, free and easy portraits rich with emotions.

      I adore photographing children. Their faces inspire me – they are so sincere, lively, different, observing everything with such a genuine admiration and curiosity. True feelings, glitter in their eyes, childish sincerity and unpredictability allow me making bright and catchy portraits. In response I get delight and happiness of the children, and it’s such a pleasure to meet with my heroes over and over again.

     World of my photography is the world of a woman able to look and see, sympathize and empathize, to love and understand.